Using Characters on StoryChain

2 min readJun 27, 2024


Consistent Character System

As explained in our Character Consistency blog post, we’ve been diligently working on a system to maintain character consistency. We are thrilled to announce the release of our pre-made characters, with plans to continue expanding our character roster.

Currently, we are providing some pre-made characters and will continue to create more. However, our ultimate goal is to empower our community to create hundreds or even thousands of unique characters from all ethnicities and backgrounds for story creators to choose from.

Background Restricted and Unrestricted Characters

As mentioned earlier, we have two types of characters: background restricted and unrestricted. For instance, Commander Elara is a restricted character. Stories involving her must align with her established background. Conversely, our beloved Frank is an unrestricted character, capable of fitting into any story you can imagine.

How to Use Characters?

When you navigate to the Create Story page, you will now see a “Use Character” option. Upon selecting this, you can choose from our published characters. The rest of the process remains the same: enter your prompt and story title.

Here’s a quick video demonstration of using characters:

Create Your Own Character

The “Create Your Own Character” feature will be launched at a later date. We will begin by inviting our most active community members for a private testing phase. During this period, we will share glimpses of the creation steps with our community. Our goal is to ensure the feature works seamlessly, so extensive testing is essential!

Stay Tuned for More Features

We are continually working on new features to enhance your StoryChain experience. Keep following us for more updates!




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